In case you missed it: Watch the Facebook Live video on COVID-19 vaccines

OHA held a Facebook Live Q and A on COVID-19 vaccines on Feb. 18. You can watch the video here.

Time stamps for the video are available below:

10:23: When will people with compromised immune systems be able to get the COVID vaccine?

12:04: Was the vaccine tested on disabled people in the trials?

11:49: When will sports, particularly outdoor sports, be allowed for students?

13:03: I hear the second shot is worse than the first. Is that true?

15:13: What’s being done to create drive-thru vaccination clinics?

16:33: My mom got a vaccine but didn’t get a vaccine card. Where can she get one?

18:16: My kids say that the vaccine isn’t safe – is it?

22:15: For people who think that they may be receiving a less effective vaccine, e.g. the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, perhaps, down the line, what would you tell them to reassure them and convince them to get vaccinated?

26:52: How is it safe for my 18-year-old to go back to in-person education when they haven’t been vaccinated? How do they not infect us at home?

30:33: Do we need a booster in three months?

This article first appeared in the Feb. 23, 2021 issue of Oregon Coronavirus Update.