Can’t find your vaccination card? Here are some ways you can replace it

*Updated 2/16/2022: This post was corrected to clarify how to get a replacement card, versus how to get an official copy of your vaccination record. Oregon Health Authority is unable to provide a replacement card.

When you get vaccinated you will receive a vaccine card that shows the date, your name and date of birth. Keep this card in a safe place. Take a picture or make a copy of your card as soon as you get it.  

If you have lost your vaccination card, you can replace it by contacting the provider or clinic where you first got vaccinated and received the original card. You can also ask your current health care provider, but they are not required or always able to provide a new card.

You can also get an official record of your vaccines. This is not a small card, but it does contain all of your important vaccine information that can be used in place of the card:

  • Follow the instructions on the ALERT IIS page.
  • For languages other than English, call 211.

This article first appeared in the May 18, 2021 issue of Oregon Coronavirus Update.