OHP benefits available to people of all ages and immigration status

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Starting July 1, Oregonians of all ages, regardless of immigration status, will have access to full Oregon Health Plan (OHP/Medicaid) benefits if they meet income requirements.

Full OHP coverage includes:

  • Medical, dental and mental health care
  • Prescriptions and tests
  • X-rays and hospital care
  • Rides to and from health care appointments

In 2022, OHA expanded OHP coverage to adults ages 19-25 and 55 and older, no matter their immigration status. Now, all Oregonians of all ages and immigration status can apply for OHP.

Additionally, all people ages 26-54 who are enrolled in OHP’s emergency coverage (aka CWM – Citizenship Waived Medical coverage) will automatically move to full OHP coverage starting July 1.

People with disabilities or over age 65 may also qualify for other services and supports, which may include:

  • Case management services
  • Services to support independent living, such as help with eating, bathing and travel to work.

You can apply for OHP here, or find someone in your local community to help you apply here. You can also call 800-699-9075 weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Help is available in many languages. All relay calls accepted. It is better to call earlier in the day.

Additionally, a list of local offices to find OHP benefits such as medical, food, cash or childcare can be found here, or call 800-699-9075.

The expansion of OHP coverage, called Healthier Oregon, is made possible by House Bill 3352.

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