My Electronic Vaccine Card offers digital access to your COVID-19 vaccination record

animated image of two people holding up their cell phones with QR codes on them.

Oregon’s My Electronic Vaccine Card gives you an electronic copy of COVID-19 vaccinations you’ve received in Oregon. It’s the same information on your paper vaccine card. By using this new and completely voluntary service, you can use your mobile device to show proof of vaccination in places such as businesses, airports, international borders or in medical settings.

The only information stored on the digital card is your name, date of birth and the types of vaccines you’ve received in Oregon.

OHA will not share this information with anyone, including other government agencies.

To set up and access your COVID-19 vaccination record with My Electronic Vaccine Card, follow the instructions below. You can also watch this step-by-step video.

Getting started:

  1. Go to this website: (available in 13 languages).
  2. Enter your first name, last name and your date of birth. (This must exactly match what you provided when you first got vaccinated.)
  3. Enter your mobile phone number or email address. (This must exactly match what you provided when you first got vaccinated.)
  4. Create a four-digit personal identification number (PIN).
  5. Submit

Once you submit, you will receive a link to your vaccination record within a few minutes to either your mobile phone or email, depending on which contact information you provided when you first got vaccinated. If you provided your email address and do not see an email from OHA, check your junk email or spam folder. You will not receive the link if your records do not exactly match the contact information, name and birthdate provided when you first got vaccinated.

To call for help:

  • 211 or 866-698-6155 – If you need help filling out the form, assistance in other languages or general information about My Electronic Vaccine Card.
  • 800-980-9431 – If you do not receive a link, OHA’s immunization registry staff can help. It’s possible the registry misspelled your name or has a different phone number or email address for you.

Once you receive the link:

  1. Click the link as soon as possible. It will expire after 24 hours.
  2. When you click the link, a webpage will open. Enter your PIN and click “validate PIN.”
  3. This will take you to a webpage with your COVID-19 vaccinations and a QR code. A QR code is a square symbol, like a barcode, that stores information. That information can be “read” by a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet.

How to save your electronic vaccine record:

On the page with the QR code, click the drop-down box that says “Choose here.”

screen shot of the My Electronic Vaccine Card showing choices for downloading your record to your device, email or to print.

Three options will appear:

  • Save to Device – Download an image to your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
    • Apple devices: A button will appear allowing you to download your record to your Apple wallet
    • Android devices: A button will appear allowing you to download your record to Google Pay.
    • You may need to update your phone to the latest version for these options to work.
  • Send via Email – If you choose to have your record emailed, you may select up to two emails to receive your vaccine record.
  • Print – If you do not have access to a printer, you may choose to have a copy of your record mailed to you.

Once you save your record it will not expire. For more information about My Electronic Vaccine Card, check out these frequently asked questions.

This video takes you through the steps to set up access to your electronic vaccination record.