Your vaccine questions answered during OHA’s Facebook Live event

OHA experts answered your vaccination questions in a Facebook Live event on April 15. You can view the video in Spanish or English. Below are time stamps for the questions: 

13:23 – My son turns 16 in May. Can he get vaccinated before his exact birthday? 

14:03 – Will it be easier to find and book an appointment after eligibility opens to all Oregonians on April 19th? I’m struggling to find an appointment for a medically-fragile senior citizen. 

15:04 – What happens if I get COVID-19 between my first and second dose? 

16:14 – The Johnson & Johnson vaccine can cause blood clots. If I’m more susceptible to having blood clots, should I get a different vaccine? 

17:29 – I live in a rural community that does not have the Pfizer vaccine available. That’s a problem because that’s the only vaccine for people 16-17 years old. How do I find a vaccine for my kids? 

18:16 – How many people have symptoms after the first dose of the Moderna vaccine? 

19:27 – Why are there so many doses of vaccine that have not been given? Are the extra doses being saved for second doses? 

20:30 – Can you please speak about the possibility of antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE? What is the research with this issue in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines? 

21:17 – I finally got my first appointment this morning through OHSU. Should I still stay in the lottery queue under Get Vaccinated Oregon? 

22:11 – Can I get the vaccine outside of my home county? 

22:51 – Can I get a vaccine if I’m breastfeeding or pregnant? 

24:25 – After the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I developed an intensely itchy rash all over my body – five days after taking the vaccine. What do I do if a third booster is needed? 

25:39 – I’ve had COVID-19 twice now. Why should I get vaccinated? 

26:36 – I was so excited two weeks ago when I got my last vaccine so I’m finally fully vaccinated, but now I’m reading that the vaccines don’t protect against the B.1.351 variant. 

28:03 – When do we expect that everyone can be vaccinated? 

29:46 – My boyfriend got multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). Should he get the vaccine? 

30:53 – Do I still have to quarantine if I get vaccinated? 

This article first appeared in the April 19, 2021 issue of Oregon Coronavirus Update.