Vaccine Voices: Sandy Polishuk

Woman in black and white shirt wearing mask.

Sandy Polishuk shared her reasons for getting the COVID-19 vaccine and what vaccination has given to her.

As an octogenarian, I knew I was in higher danger of serious illness, or even death, if I contracted COVID-19, but I was most motivated by my love of my family and my desire to spend time with them, especially my great grandchild, Sal, who was 6-months old when we locked down.

I had had masked visits outdoors, but Sal and I couldn’t touch and couldn’t bond. Now Sal is 20 months old, a real little person, and we are able to play together, to touch each other again. I was afraid I would die before we got to know each other. 

I feel so much calmer now. I’ve been going to the grocery for most of the pandemic, but I was always so anxious. It was exhausting and sometimes I wasn’t as nice to the employees as I wanted to be, even though I was so grateful they were there and helping me get the things I needed.

I also put off a lot of my routine medical care, not a great idea when you’re 80, but I was too nervous to get care unless it was an emergency.

All this has changed now that I’m fully vaccinated and feel safe out in public. Plus, I finally got a haircut and don’t cringe when I see myself in the mirror! 

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This article first appeared in the June 1, 2021 issue of Oregon Coronavirus Update.