Vaccine Voices-Deschutes County: ‘Who would be there to keep my entire world running?’

Brittany Jordan works as a peer support specialist for DAWNS House, a sober living facility that provides support for newly sober women who are recovering from addiction. After nearly a year of hesitancy, Jordan received her second dose of Pfizer this month with her partner Austin West. They now hope to help others become vaccinated too.  

“There are a lot of people who do not want to get this vaccine, me being one of them back then,” said Jordan. “I know that feeling, so hopefully I can use my skills and knowledge of what I knew before now, to help convince some people to get it.”

Brittany and Austin with Dahlya

Jordan, West and their two-month-old daughter Dahlya are one of six families who live at DAWNS House.  Jordan, who has been sober for seven years after addictions to pharmaceuticals and methamphetamines, said the ability to visit her immunocompromised mother in Texas played a major role in her decision to receive the shot.  

West and Jordan both had concerns about the long-term effects of the vaccine and who to trust for information. Those reservations were countered by the concerns of what would happen, and the challenges of taking care of those around them if they became infected by COVID-19.

“If I was to get COVID then who would be there to take care of my child? Who would be there to keep my entire world running?” asked Jordan. “It was definitely a moment where this all clicked.  Ultimately my reason was my family and just general community safety.”  

Jordan is now working with DAWNS House street outreach team visiting houseless encampments with vaccinators and sharing her story. 

“Hopefully we can sweep as much around Bend and these surrounding areas and get people vaccinated,” said Jordan. “Get us on our way to a healthier Bend.”