Las clínicas sensoriales hacen que las vacunas sean accesibles para todos

Para los dos hijos de LeAndra Schneider, que tienen autismo, hacer fila en un evento de vacunación contra el COVID-19 puede ser abrumador. Su hijo se pone ansioso cuando hay mucha gente, y su hija a menudo tiene tanta energía que puede esperar cualquier cosa -especialmente algo que la ponga nerviosa- puede ser un desafío. […]

Sensory-friendly clinics make vaccines accessible to all

For LeAndra Schneider’s two children, who have autism, waiting in line at a COVID-19 vaccine event can be overwhelming. Her son gets anxious around crowds, and her daughter often has so much energy that waiting for anything – especially something that makes her nervous – can be a challenge. But at The Arc Lane County’s […]

Accessibility Kits help make vaccination a ‘possible and positive’ experience for all

Oregon Health Authority wants to make vaccination events accessible for everyone. To that end, OHA has developed a set of tools that community partners can use to support communication and access to information for people with disabilities, those who primarily use a language other than English and anyone who could benefit from accommodations at vaccination […]

Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities and their families to get vaccinated

When they received the news that their organization would receive Health Equity Grant funds to reduce the sense of isolation in children with disabilities and their families, Creating Opportunities put on their khaki shorts and started planning a big drive-thru safari event. As a community-based organization for families of children and adults with developmental disabilities […]