Learn safe cleaning and disinfecting tips this winter, especially around children

Over the past four years, we’ve heard how cleaning and disinfecting is a good precaution to lower the risk of spreading viruses like COVID-19 and the flu. But if not used properly, chemicals found in cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products can harm our health. Children are particularly vulnerable because they’re more sensitive to harmful chemicals. […]

El misterio de los “súper esquivadores” del COVID-19

Es posible que conozca a alguien, o varias personas, que aún no hayan contraído COVID-19, incluso si estuvieron expuestos. Es posible que conozca a personas que dieron positivo y no tuvieron síntomas. ¡Incluso podrías ser una de esas personas! Estas personas se han hecho conocidas como “super-esquivadores”. Hay algunas razones para este fenómeno. “En lo […]

The mystery of COVID-19 “super-dodgers”

Available in Spanish You may know someone – or multiple people – who haven’t gotten COVID-19 yet, even if they were exposed. You might know people who have tested positive and didn’t have symptoms. You might even be one of those people! These people have become known as “super-dodgers.” There are a few reasons for […]