Vaccine Voices: Getting vaccinated is an opportunity to ‘be a hero and save your community’

The moment Victoria Leo learned Mercy Flights was sponsoring a drive-through vaccination clinic, she began counting the days until her appointment. On the eve of the big day, she was so excited she couldn’t sleep— And rightly so. Victoria, an author and retired psychotherapist, has an underlying condition that could make a COVID-19 infection especially dangerous.

Vaccine Voices: Learning about the vaccine research was a ‘game changer’

In the early days of COVID-19, Yvonne Hall wore so much protective gear, her boyfriend joked she looked like a “space alien.” “When the disease started to hit in China, I saw it was airborne and had the mask that I wore from my previous work in a neuroscience lab rebuilt,” said Hall who lives […]

Vaccine Voices: ‘If we all start caring, we can defeat this pandemic’

Ricardo Cobar, an IT network technician for Greater Albany Public Schools, got COVID-19 in December 2020. Most of his family members also got COVID-19, but for Ricardo and his mother, the experience was life-threatening. As Ricardo shares, “My mother and I had to go to the Intensive Care Unit. I was close to death. I […]

Vaccine Voices: Nancy Vera

Nancy is originally from Mexico, but has lived in United States most of her life. After spending about a year in Oregon working as a nurse in a McMinnville assisted living facility, she moved to Illinois with her husband where she continues to help seniors with their daily care. Due to her line of work, […]

Oregon pediatrician shares her story about deciding to vaccinate her son

Check out a new video featuring mother and pediatrician Dr. Julia Paz, where she shares her journey about choosing to get her son vaccinated. Dr. Paz also reinforces the importance of talking to your health care provider or other trusted sources to get your questions answered. This article first appeared in the Aug. 25, 2021 issue of […]

Blazer5 Gaming players share their #MyVaccineReason

Watch Blazer5 Gaming players get their vaccines and share their reasons for getting vaccinated by watching the video below. You can also learn more at This article first appeared in the Aug. 3, 2021 issue of Oregon Coronavirus Update.

Scholarship winner Josh: ‘It was just the right thing to do’

Take Your Shot, Oregon incentive winner Josh got vaccinated because he wanted to see his friends.  “Also, my mom, she really wanted me to get vaccinated so it was just the right thing to do,” said Josh. Josh also said winning the $100,000 Oregon College Savings Plan scholarship will change his life. Watch Josh’s story below.  This article first appeared in the Aug. 2, 2021 […]

Vaccine Voices: Union man honors oldest friend who died of COVID-19

“If you meet folks that ask, ‘Well, do you know anyone who’s actually died from this made up government hoax?’ Just send them my way so I can tell them about my friend KP.” 70-year-old Jim Arnott has lost three friends to COVID-19. “John and Maz were touchstones of my history, but KP was my oldest friend.” […]

Scholarship winner Laney: ‘It’s a pretty big deal to me’

Take Your Shot, Oregon incentive winner Laney got vaccinated to be better protected against COVID-19 and to protect her friends and the community. She plans to use her $100,000 Oregon College Savings Plan scholarship to make a lifelong dream come true. Watch Laney’s story below. This article first appeared in the July 26, 2021 issue […]