Por qué es importante vacunarse y reforzarse, aunque aún pueda contraer COVID-19

Si aún puede contraer COVID-19 después de la vacunación, ¿cuál es el punto de vacunarse? Esta es una pregunta común, y tiene una respuesta simple. Como la mayoría de las medidas preventivas, las vacunas contra el COVID-19 no pueden brindar una protección absoluta. Sin embargo, estas vacunas claramente reducen el riesgo de infectarse y, lo […]

Why it’s important to be vaccinated and boosted even though you can still get COVID-19 

To read this story in Spanish, click here. If you can still get COVID-19 after vaccination, what’s the point of getting vaccinated?   This is a common question, and it has a simple answer. Like most preventive measures, the COVID-19 vaccines can’t provide absolute protection. However, these vaccines clearly reduce the risk of getting infected, and […]

Studies show, even after COVID-19 infection, vaccines are still the best protection

If you have had COVID-19, you may wonder if you need to get a COVID-19 vaccine. People infected with COVID-19 produce antibodies that offer protection (“natural immunity”) from future exposures. However, not everyone builds the same immune response, and research is not yet clear on how strong, or for how long, protection from natural immunity lasts. What is clear is that immunity wanes over time, and vaccinations after infection offer improved protection. 

Vaccine Conversations: Dr. Shimi Sharief talks natural vs. vaccine-induced immunity

We continue to hear questions online about what the key differences between natural and vaccine-induced immunity are. To get some answers to those questions, we sat down with OHA Senior Health Advisor Dr. Shimi Sharief, who shared some insights on the topic. You can find a recording of the full interview, as well as a list of timestamped questions below.  […]