Una farmacéutica hace lo imposible para proteger a las personas del COVID-19

En un brumoso día de verano de 2021, la tripulación de un buque de carga frente a la costa de Oregon recibió una visita poco común. Sandy Le, una farmacéutica de Portland llegó en un pequeño bote. A pesar de los fuertes vientos, subió al bote con un suministro de vacunas contra el COVID-19 a […]

A pharmacist goes above and beyond to protect people from COVID-19

Available in Spanish On a hazy summer day in 2021, the crew of a cargo ship off the coast of Oregon had an unlikely visitor. Sandy Le, a Portland pharmacist, approached in a small boat. Through whipping winds she climbed aboard, onto the gangway, with a supply of COVID-19 vaccines in tow. The people on […]

For children with disabilities, OHA’s mobile medical teams bring COVID-19 vaccines to families who can’t go to them

Available in Spanish. This summer, as families with children with disabilities prepare their youngest to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, they may find themselves facing unusually high levels of anxiety in their youngsters. But the good news is they don’t have face it alone – and they don’t even have to leave home. “For any child, […]

Pediatric vaccine rollout highlights Benton County’s focus on health equity

Benton County Health Department’s director/administrator April Holland, MPH, CIC, recently shared good news about the county’s efforts to close vaccine equity gaps. What’s behind this success? As April shared, this indicates “the extremely important role” that school-based clinics have in reaching diverse populations.

Vaccine Voices: “You matter. You deserve it. That’s how we serve our community.”  

With 500 vaccination clinics and counting, the Vaccine Operations Team Equity’s (VOTE) mission is to help communities throughout Oregon access, understand and feel more confident about getting vaccinated. VOTE’s work is especially critical for people in Oregon disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and those who have historically faced health disparities.     To reach its goal, VOTE collaborates with more than 150 community-based organizations to reach people through trusted community partners that bring energy, […]