Medida 110 paga alojamiento de emergencia a personas que esperan tratamiento residencial por uso de sustancias

Cuando alguien que lucha contra el consumo de drogas pide ayuda, existe la posibilidad de que nunca la reciba si no cuenta con vivienda. A menudo existen lista de espera para recibir servicios de tratamiento residencial y, cuando se abre un espacio, es posible que la persona haya cambiado de opinión, haya desaparecido sin información […]

Measure 110 pays for emergency lodging while people wait for residential substance use treatment

When someone struggling with drug use reaches out for help, there’s a chance they’ll never get that help if they are unhoused. Often there are waiting lists for residential treatment services, and by the time a space opens up, the person may have changed their mind, disappeared with no contact information, or died. “This population […]

From the archive: Long-term care residents and staff receive COVID-19 vaccine

On Dec. 21, 2020, long-term care residents and staff began receiving COVID-19 vaccinations under a statewide rollout plan that prioritizes Oregonians the pandemic disproportionally impacts. Older adults and people with underlying health conditions are more likely to suffer life-threatening health consequences if they contract the virus. Given that the virus is so contagious, the risks […]

Oregon hits milestone: 1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered

On March 3, OHA recorded more than 1 million vaccines administered to Oregonians. There were 22,346 doses recorded on March 2, bringing the total number of doses administered in the state to 1,019,767. The first dose was administered on Dec. 14, 2020, less than three months ago. By March 3, approximately one in five Oregonians […]