Peludo de cuatro patas alivia ansiedad por las vacunas a través de abrazos

Un bullmastiff rubio y fornido llamado Showdown Wanna Do Bad Things una vez gobernó el circuito local de perros de exhibición, ganando el título de Campeón del espectáculo Rose City Classic en 2015.Desde entonces, este canino se ha ganado algunos títulos más y ahora se hace llamar Ch. Showdown Wanna Do Bad Things TH CGC […]

Gentle giant eases vaccine anxiety, one cuddle at a time

A stocky, blond bullmastiff named Showdown Wanna Do Bad Things once ruled the local show dog circuit, winning Champion of the Rose City Classic show in 2015. Since then he’s added a few credentials to his name, now Ch. Showdown Wanna Do Bad Things TH CGC (that’s Ch for champion, TH for Therapy Dog and […]

Vaccine Voices: ‘Pow! Kick! Bang!’ The comic book ‘Fighting Covid’ hasn’t lost its punch.

The “Pow! Kick! Bang!” of the comic Fighting Covid hasn’t lost its punch. Nine months after NW Disability Support (NWDS) debuted the comic book and its follow-up, Beating COVID,the non-profit has delivered the graphic tales to more than 250,000 households.

Making sure kids are prepared for school in Coos Bay

When Erlette Upshaw, executive director for Coos Elderly Services, and Dolly England, OHA Community Engagement program manager, were talking, Dolly mentioned that it would be cool to do a back-to-school initiative in Coos Bay. Dolly mentioned the comics, Beating Covid, that Northwest Disability Support had created to educate children and adults about COVID-19. Upshaw placed […]

Beat COVID-19 at a fully accessible vaccination event

NW Disability Support (NWDS), the community-based organization that produced Fighting COVID, has put out a second comic called Beating COVID. Beating COVID features the story of new super heroes: the Super Vaccines! The comic is intended to address the need of having appropriate materials created for children and adults of all ages that can be […]

NW Disability Support fights COVID-19 with a comic book

“Pow! Kick! Bang!” starts the comic Fighting COVID. The words, drafted in bright colors, are shouted by a young person fighting the image we’ve seen so much the past year – an illustration of the coronavirus.   When the Social Justice Youth decided that there was a need for accessible materials to show how to stay safe […]