Study shows ‘these vaccines will keep people out of the hospital’

On March 29, the Washington Post wrote about an exciting study that Oregon participated in that shows the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccines in real life circumstances.  Dr. Paul Cieslak, a senior health advisor with OHA, says, “This study demonstrated that in real-world use, the mRNA vaccines are marvelously effective – 90% – in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection as well as COVID-19 illness in frontline workers. These vaccines will keep […]

Vaccine Voices: ‘These are not ordinary times’

Deidre Greene of Albany shares her vaccine story: I want to be a testimony to the safety of the vaccine to the BIPOC community. I am an African American nurse practitioner, retired for one year, and chair of the Health and Wellness Committee for NAACP Corvallis/Albany. I would not take a vaccine so early in […]

Vaccine 101: What’s an mRNA vaccine?

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are both classified as “Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines,” but what does that mean? While this might be a new term for many, researchers have been studying and working with mRNA vaccine technology for decades. The process for making these vaccines can be standardized and produced at scale, making development faster […]

What the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna can do for you

We want to make sure that you are informed about what the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are — and aren’t — capable of. What exactly is an mRNA vaccine and what sort of effects does it produce in a vaccine recipient? For starters, these vaccines teach our immune systems how to make a harmless […]