What misinformation looks like and tools to combat it

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes,” said Mark Twain. Or did he? Supposedly he said it in 1919, but Twain died in 1910. Attributing the quote to Twain is an example of misinformation.

Tips for talking with family and friends about misinformation

At some point, you may find yourself talking with kin about the pandemic and they begin sharing information that you know to be false. Talking with someone who is sharing misinformation about COVID-19 can be frustrating and worrisome. Unfortunately, stopping the spread of that information is a tricky task that can cause hurt feelings, damage relationships and end friendships.

Quick tips for telling truth from fiction online

Dubbed “The Great Moon Hoax,” in 1835 the New York Sun published a six-part satire that claimed life was discovered on the moon. The articles cited a fictional expert who wrote articles in a scientific journal that had been out of publication for years. None of it was true. But readers loved it and spread […]