Personal médico será asignado para apoyar a las instalaciones de atención médica de Oregon que enfrentan un aumento de pacientes con COVID-19

Hoy, la gobernadora Kate Brown anunció que se han finalizado los contratos con las empresas de personal médico Jogan Health Solutions y AMN Healthcare para asignar el personal de atención médica adicional que tanto se necesita en las instalaciones de atención médica que están tratando con el aumento continuo de pacientes con COVID-19. “Estos equipos […]

Medical staff deployed to support Oregon health care facilities facing surge of COVID-19 patients

Today, Governor Kate Brown announced that Oregon had finalized contracts with the medical staffing companies Jogan Health Solutions and AMN Healthcare to deploy much needed health care personnel to health care facilities managing the ongoing surge of COVID-19 patients. “The deployment of crisis response teams should provide some welcome relief to our hospitals, particularly in […]

Trabajadores forestales en el condado de Jackson se vacunan contra el COVID-19 y reciben sorpresas adicionales

En el área de Medford, hay más de 20 empresas de reforestación que contratan trabajadores forestales a través del programa H-2B. En su mayoría son hombres jóvenes que vienen de México con visas temporales. Muchos de ellos no tienen familia aquí y no hablan inglés. Por su trabajo, deben viajar juntos en camionetas y viven […]

Reaching out to forestry workers for COVID-19 vaccinations in Jackson County

In the Medford area, there are more than 20 reforestation companies who hire forestry workers through the H-2B program. They are mostly young men who come from Mexico with temporary visas. Many of these workers do not have relatives here, do not know English and are not familiar with American culture. They travel close together in vans and […]

Vaccine Voices: ‘One of the few breakthrough cases in Oregon’

Dr. Robert Jackman is a practicing family physician in Medford who was vaccinated in December, but came down with COVID-19 later. Watch him tell his story by clicking on the screenshot below.  This article first appeared in the June 28, 2021 issue of Oregon Coronavirus Update.

Some folks can go to work, get vaccinated

Now that everyone 16 and older is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, some employers are rolling up their sleeves and offering vaccinations at work. In Hood River, One Community Health is participating in a pilot program with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) to vaccinate communities that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting. The need to reach folks who work in agriculture, […]

Dance company pivots to providing COVID-19 resources

Luisa Zaragoza is the artistic and managing director at Ballet Folklorico Ritmo Alegre in Medford. A project that started as a high school club in the ’90s has grown into a dance academy for children and youth in the Medford area. Luisa, originally from Mexico, takes great pride in providing opportunities for cultural movement and […]

Vaccine Voices: ‘As a person with a disability, I felt very fortunate’

Daniel Alrick had some pain in his arm after his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine but, he says, it was “no worse than a flu shot.” “As a person with a disability, I felt very fortunate,” he says. “Everything was arranged; the only thing we were responsible for was transportation.” He managed to carpool […]