Mujer de Portland es galardonada por vacunar, educar y alimentar a inmigrantes y refugiados

Cuando Betty Brown ve la fila de personas que se forman para recibir comida gratuita dos veces por semana en la Iglesia Portland Open Bible, ella ve a un grupo de inmigrantes y refugiados representados. Se trata de miembros de las comunidades rusa, vietnamita, china, latina y árabe, entre otras. Esto es un gran motivo […]

Portland woman honored for vaccinating, educating and feeding immigrants and refugees

Available in Spanish When Betty Brown surveys the free food line that forms twice a week at the Portland Open Bible Church, she sees a tapestry of immigrant and refugee groups represented. She sees members of Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Latino and Arab communities, among others. It is a source of pride—to simultaneously support and celebrate […]

New app helps Russian, Thai and Persian-language speakers find information about COVID-19

A new app, launched by the Portland non-profit Torus, aims to help some English language learners, specifically refugees, find COVID-19 information in their native languages. The Torus App was developed by Afghanistan-born Ramin Tokhi, whose first language is Dari (a Persian dialect). In 2020 Tokhi founded Torus to provide “a sense of belonging to a […]

Vacunas, refuerzos y guía de viaje para personas vacunadas contra el COVID-19 fuera de los Estados Unidos

Para muchas personas que viajan hacia y desde los Estados Unidos, ya sean trabajadores migrantes de temporada o viajeros de negocios, ingresar al país no es tan sencillo como lo era antes de la pandemia por COVID-19. El Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS, por sus siglas en inglés), dio a conocer los requisitos de vacunación […]

Vaccine, booster and travel guidance for people vaccinated against COVID-19 outside of the United States

(Updated 3/8/2022, 5:35pm: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued vaccination requirements for entry into the U.S. It is the Department of Homeland Security that issued the requirements.) For many who travel to and from the United States, whether they are seasonal migrant workers or frequent […]

Magic COVID-19 team brings vaccination confidence to Oregon and across the world

When faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic Charities knew they needed to ensure that the refugees they serve could have access to vaccine information and education, and limited barriers to vaccination. They also knew that this was not the same work as the case management they did for newly arrived refugee families, so they had to create something new.