Mujer de Portland es galardonada por vacunar, educar y alimentar a inmigrantes y refugiados

Cuando Betty Brown ve la fila de personas que se forman para recibir comida gratuita dos veces por semana en la Iglesia Portland Open Bible, ella ve a un grupo de inmigrantes y refugiados representados. Se trata de miembros de las comunidades rusa, vietnamita, china, latina y árabe, entre otras. Esto es un gran motivo […]

Portland woman honored for vaccinating, educating and feeding immigrants and refugees

Available in Spanish When Betty Brown surveys the free food line that forms twice a week at the Portland Open Bible Church, she sees a tapestry of immigrant and refugee groups represented. She sees members of Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Latino and Arab communities, among others. It is a source of pride—to simultaneously support and celebrate […]

Central Oregon group breaks down barriers to food access and production

This Saturday in Warm Springs, chef and co-founder of Tahoma Peak Solutions Maria Givens will kick off a free event with a presentation about using Native foods as medicine. Following the presentation, attendees can stick around and enjoy snacks with Native and culturally significant ingredients. Click here for event details. This event and others like […]