Some Oregon Health Plan benefits may surprise you

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man petting his dog in the woods

If you’re an Oregon Health Plan (OHP) member, did you know you might be able to get help with vet bills, supplies and adoption fees for your therapy animal? You may also be able to get a lamp or light box to treat anxiety and depression, hotel stays after surgery or modifications to your home related to your medical condition.

There are dozens of “health-related services,” also known as “flexible services,” available to most OHP members that are beyond what’s included in the standard array of covered OHP benefits and don’t necessarily fall into the category of direct medical care. These services help improve your health or keep you healthy, which lowers your chances of having major health issues.

“These services can meet an incredible range of needs, and it may surprise a lot of members that they’re even available,” said Sean McAnulty, OHP Member Communications coordinator. “Paying for a hotel stay for recovery after a homeless member’s surgery, for example, can prevent all sorts of complications, which is so much better for the patient and their overall physical and mental health.”

Other examples of health-related services include:

  • equipment to access telehealth
  • gym memberships
  • air filters or air conditioners
  • driver’s license fees
  • car seats
  • pre-school programs
  • bicycle, bike pump, helmet, bike lock
  • bassinettes, portable cribs and baby items for infant health and safety
  • medically supportive food for members with special dietary needs
  • advocacy services for children in the court system
  • adoption fee for a family to adopt a child
  • classes for weight loss, nutrition, cooking and exercise
  • group horsemanship/equine therapy program for behavioral health in foster youth and adults with disabilities
  • denture replacements
  • treatment for damaged and breaking hair to help a member’s mental health
  • guitar for a member with Down syndrome to gain confidence and relieve stress
  • art supplies to help a member develop coping skills to support substance use disorder recovery
  • rides to the grocery store, health and wellness education classes, support groups, gym trips, court hearings, community forums, community advisory meetings and social services
  • naloxone kits, needle exchange programs and other substance use disorder supports

Health-related services are available through a member’s coordinated care organization (CCO) and must be approved by a health care provider. You must be in a CCO to have access to these services, which are subject to availability of funding. Native American OHP members without a CCO can request health-related services via CareOregon by calling 503-416-4100. Other members without a CCO, otherwise known as “Open Card,” do not have access to these services.

If you receive Medicare, you must also be enrolled in a CCO to have access to health-related services.

To learn more about these services, call the number on your OHP card.