Comic for kids: Why you should get a COVID-19 vaccine!

Available in Spanish

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Talking to kids about COVID-19 can be hard, especially when the messages surrounding the pandemic change often.

But the importance of COVID-19 vaccines hasn’t changed. They slow the spread of the virus and help keep people safe. Vaccines are the best protection we have against severe COVID-19 illness , hospitalization and death. Although kids are less likely to have a severe reaction to COVID-19, vaccines can help stop some infection and keep families safe by slowing disease transmission.

However, vaccines can be scary! One way to help kids feel better is to show them that other kids get vaccines, too. And even though it might pinch for a second, once it’s over the pain goes away and they can feel safe!

To help your child understand why it’s  important to get a COVID-19 vaccine, here’s a comic book about vaccines you can read together. Scroll to the bottom for links to the comic in other languages.

To watch an animated video of the comic, click here.

The comic is available in the following languages to download and print. Feel free to share throughout your communities.

Arabic, Chuukese, English, Hmong, Korean, Marshallese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese