Vaccine Voices: Alex ‘had the biggest smile’

For 10-year-old Alex, it has been a very long wait to get his COVID-19 vaccination. Alex has asthma and has already been hospitalized a couple of times with it in his short life. “As soon as he gets either a cold or any kind of virus it goes into his lungs and he requires two different inhalers,” said his mother Kimberly.

Vaccine Voices: ‘It’s not every day you get your vaccine in a livestock barn’

Demand for COVID-19 vaccination has been so high in many counties that local public health authorities have had to get creative in meeting the needs of their communities.

Vaccine Voices: ‘I have complete faith in my doctors.’

When word came last week that the Pfizer pediatric vaccine had been approved for children ages 5 through 11, Lori Robinson had two questions: when and where? She added her sons Rowdy, 8, and Stetson, 5, to their family doctor’s wait list, but days later when she learned the vaccine was available at the local hospital, she was on her way.  

Vaccine Voices: ‘It’s about our common life together.’

Senitila McKinley, founder and director of Seashore Family Literacy in Waldport, grew up in a village in Tonga, a group of islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. To this day, Senitila says any hesitancy she had about getting vaccinated against COVID-19 wasn’t about the vaccine, but the needle. She says her fear of needles began when she went to get her first vaccine as a child. When she saw the needle, Senitila ran home. But her father “believed in Western medicine,” and carried her back.

Throughout Oregon, younger kids are getting vaccinated. “Mom’s so happy, she could cry – and did.” 

Eight-year-old Jasmine Van Horne is not normally keen on shots, but the promise of the fun she’ll once again be able to share in was all she needed to line up for the first pediatric vaccinations in Curry County. Her 10-year-old brother, Jordan, was right there beside her.   “I was happy because my son has special needs,” […]

Vaccine Voices: On a mission to get a booster. ‘We are grateful that it was easy.’

On a blustery day in October, Deborah “Debbie” Becker had just one mission—to get her COVID-19 booster. At 71, both Debbie and her husband Randy, 73, have underlying conditions and are committed to protecting their health. But it wasn’t looking good.  

Vaccine Voices: ‘We still need to protect everybody as best as we can’

Crystal and Ron Phipps of Eugene did a lot of research and had many thoughtful discussions before making the decision to have their 13-year-old daughter, Emma, vaccinated.  

Vaccine Voices: Getting vaccinated is an opportunity to ‘be a hero and save your community’

The moment Victoria Leo learned Mercy Flights was sponsoring a drive-through vaccination clinic, she began counting the days until her appointment. On the eve of the big day, she was so excited she couldn’t sleep— And rightly so. Victoria, an author and retired psychotherapist, has an underlying condition that could make a COVID-19 infection especially dangerous.

Vaccine Voices-Deschutes County: ‘Who would be there to keep my entire world running?’

Brittany Jordan works as a peer support specialist for DAWNS House, a sober living facility that provides support for newly sober women who are recovering from addiction. After nearly a year of hesitancy, Jordan received her second dose of Pfizer this month with her partner Austin West. They now hope to help others become vaccinated too.