Voces de Vacuna: “Estoy muy orgulloso.” Madre calma la ansiedad de su hijo ante la vacuna.

Emiliano Rangel, de ocho años, estaba ansioso por recibir la vacuna contra elCOVID-19. Su mamá, María Rangel, se puso la suya primero; luego tocó el turno de su hermana y hermano, Ruby, de 15 años, y Giovanni, de 14. Pero Emiliano aún era demasiado pequeño. “Desde que vio a su hermano y hermana vacunados, preguntó: […]

Vaccine Voices: ‘I’m so proud.’ A determined mom soothes her children’s vaccine anxiety

Eight-year-old Emiliano Rangel couldn’t wait to get his COVID-19 vaccine. His mom, Maria Rangel, got hers first; next came sister and brother, Ruby, 15, and Giovanni, 14. But Emiliano was still too young.  “Ever since he saw his brother and sister vaccinated, he asked ‘When is the vaccine coming for me?’” recalled Maria, bilingual programs coordinator for NW Disability Support. “He was extra cautious. He […]

Vaccine Voices: ‘We aren’t just open to migrants, we are open to everyone.’

“One of the main reasons people come to our clinics is they feel comfortable,” said Pérez, Olalla Center Outreach Program Manager. “We offer tacos, drinks, music. They bring their kids. We always try to make it fun. It doesn’t feel like a clinic, more like a gathering, an event. We aren’t just open to migrants; we are open to everyone. We don’t want to separate the population; we want to unify and have a strong community.” 

Historias de vacuna: Enfrentando el miedo a las agujas

Cuando Antonio González acudió recientemente a recibir su refuerzo de la vacuna contra el COVID-19, hizo todo lo que pudo para no darse la vuelta y marcharse. Pero convencido de hacer lo que le corresponde para mantenerse a sí mismo y a los demás a salvo, decidió quedarse, aunque eso significaba que podía desmayarse. González sufre de tripanofobia, es decir, miedo a las agujas, un temor que lo ha atormentado casi toda su vida.

Facing His Fear Lying Down

When Antonio Gonzalez showed up recently for his COVID booster, it was all he could do not to turn and walk out. But intent on doing his part to keep himself and others safe, he stayed – even though it meant he could pretty much count on passing out. Gonzalez suffers from trypanophobia – the fear of needles, a fear that has plagued him nearly all his life. 

Marking a Milestone

Hard to believe it’s been one year since COVID-19 vaccinations became available to the public, and people in Oregon haven’t been shy about rolling up their sleeves. In that time, 6.5 million shots have been administered here, giving Oregon one of the highest per capita vaccination rates in the country. That’s worth celebrating. It’s also worth noting that it may be time for a booster.

Historias de Vacuna: “La oportunidad de compartir felicidad durante este tiempo estresante”

El pasado 10 de diciembre, el Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Jefferson (JCPH, por sus siglas en inglés) y la Asociación de la Comunidad Latina (LCA) organizaron un divertido evento de vacunación en el recinto ferial del Condado de Jefferson, en donde casi 250 adultos y niños recibieron vacunas, dosis de refuerzos y vacunas contra la influenza y contra el COVID-19 gratis.

Vaccine Voices: “You matter. You deserve it. That’s how we serve our community.”  

With 500 vaccination clinics and counting, the Vaccine Operations Team Equity’s (VOTE) mission is to help communities throughout Oregon access, understand and feel more confident about getting vaccinated. VOTE’s work is especially critical for people in Oregon disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and those who have historically faced health disparities.     To reach its goal, VOTE collaborates with more than 150 community-based organizations to reach people through trusted community partners that bring energy, […]

Vaccine Voices: ‘An amazing orchestra of kindness and hard work’

It was a season of strife in the U.S. with vandalism, violence and hurtful rhetoric making the news daily. So, when Sallie Cohen found herself feeling overwhelmed by the negativity, she decided to try something positive, posting this note on social media: “Is anyone interested in creating a group where all we do is good stuff?” They were, and they did.

Vaccine Voices: ‘Opportunity to share happiness during these stressful times’

Oregon communities continue to impress, coming together in thoughtful, creative and giving ways to stay connected and healthy. On Dec. 10, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) and the Latino Community Association (LCA) hosted a fun and successful vaccination event at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Nearly 250 adults and children received free COVID-19 vaccines, boosters and/or […]