¿Por qué tanta gente se está enfermando este invierno?

Es posible que lo haya visto en las noticias, en redes sociales, en algún grupo de chat, o en la escuela de sus hijos: esta ha sido una temporada de altos casos de enfermedades por virus respiratorios. Con el COVID-19, el virus VRS e influenza, muchas personas han terminado enfermas o en hospitales. La oleada […]

XBB.1.5 on its way to being predominant COVID-19 subvariant

Available in Spanish Since it was first identified in late October (in New York), Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 has rapidly outcompeted other Omicron subvariants and is believed to now represent more than 70% of cases in the northeast United States. XBB.1.5 comprised an estimated 27.6% of COVID-19 cases in the United States during the first week […]

Do you need to talk? Explore what resources are right for you.  

The COVID-19 pandemic raised new challenges for many of us and brought existing problems into harsh light. When we asked readers how the pandemic changed them, one of the most common responses had to do with feelings of loneliness. Our desire and need for human connection are normal, and COVID-19 isolated individuals in ways not experienced […]

With pediatric RSV cases rising, executive order to help strained hospitals

Available in Spanish On Monday, Nov. 14, Governor Kate Brown issued an emergency declaration in response to a surge of pediatric cases and hospitalizations of respiratory viruses, including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The declaration will give hospitals more flexibility to staff beds for children, draw on a pool of medical volunteer nurses and doctors and […]

Los veteranos buscan una nueva misión en el Hospital Estatal de Oregon

Para muchos, trabajar en el Oregon State Hospital (OSH) no es solo un trabajo; es una llamada al servicio. Pregúntele a cualquiera de los más de 400 veteranos que trabajan allí. “Es un lugar único con una misión muy desafiante”, dijo Adam Giblin, gerente de operaciones de seguridad de OSH y veterano del Ejército de […]

Veterans seek new mission at Oregon State Hospital

Available in Spanish For many, working at Oregon State Hospital (OSH) is not just a job; it’s a call to service. Just ask any of the 400+ veterans who work there. “It’s a unique environment with a very challenging mission,” said Adam Giblin, OSH security operations manager and Unites States Army veteran. “We understand the […]

New data show COVID-19 reinfections on the rise in Oregon

COVID-19 reinfections have been one of the largest unknowns during the pandemic. Can you get sick again? If so, when? How serious would a second or third infection be? Does being vaccinated reduce the likelihood of being reinfected? New data compiled by Oregon Health Authority (OHA) help answer these questions.   Let’s start with some […]

How to talk with others about getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Available in Spanish Here is the truth: COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are safe, and they work. They are highly effective at helping prevent hospitalizations and severe COVID-19 illness. Being vaccinated and boosted allows people to move through life with a semblance of normalcy. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information out there about COVID-19 […]

The data are clear: COVID-19 vaccines work

Because you can still get COVID-19 if you’re vaccinated, some people believe the vaccines don’t work.   But COVID-19 vaccines are, and have always been, highly effective at reducing hospitalizations and deaths. In the first year vaccines were available (Dec. 8, 2020 through Dec. 8, 2021), the vaccines prevented an estimated 15-20 million deaths globally. In […]