What to expect for our third winter living with COVID-19

Autumn has arrived in Oregon, with leaves beginning to change color to reds, oranges and yellows. This signals the coming of our third winter living with COVID-19. We are optimistic that this winter will not be like the last, when Omicron rapidly spread around the world, or the first COVID-19 winter, before vaccines were available […]

How exercise impacts your brain 

Available in Spanish The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to be less physically active over the past two years, and that can affect our mental health.  When we exercise, dance, play with our kids, ride a bike, shoot hoops, walk to work or any other activity that makes our hearts beat faster, our […]

Why it’s important to be vaccinated and boosted even though you can still get COVID-19 

To read this story in Spanish, click here. If you can still get COVID-19 after vaccination, what’s the point of getting vaccinated?   This is a common question, and it has a simple answer. Like most preventive measures, the COVID-19 vaccines can’t provide absolute protection. However, these vaccines clearly reduce the risk of getting infected, and […]

How to prepare for future waves of COVID-19

The initial Omicron surge has receded significantly. More people have some level of protection against COVID-19, from vaccination or following recovery from a recent infection, than at any time in the past two years. But the pandemic has not ended, and it‘s difficult to predict how COVID-19 will affect our lives in the future. But […]

COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy reduces hospitalizations in infants

Infants are 61% less likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 during their first six months of life when their mother had been vaccinated with an mRNA primary vaccine series during pregnancy, according to a study conducted in pediatric hospitals across the country.* Scientists had previously suspected that COVID-19 antibodies from mothers vaccinated during pregnancy would […]

Vacunas, refuerzos y guía de viaje para personas vacunadas contra el COVID-19 fuera de los Estados Unidos

Para muchas personas que viajan hacia y desde los Estados Unidos, ya sean trabajadores migrantes de temporada o viajeros de negocios, ingresar al país no es tan sencillo como lo era antes de la pandemia por COVID-19. El Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS, por sus siglas en inglés), dio a conocer los requisitos de vacunación […]

Tips for being prepared at home if you test positive for COVID-19

This was updated on 2/7/2022, clarifying advice to seek medical attention if you have a fever of 102 or higher. The last couple of years has brought a near-constant stream of stress, worry and loss for so many of us. Those feelings are often worsened by the helplessness and lack of control we feel. While […]

Salud Emocional: Cómo hablar a nuestros hijos sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19 

Sin importar qué tan informados estemos sobre los beneficios que tienen las vacunas para nuestros hijos y por qué deberíamos aplicarles la vacuna pediátrica contra el COVID-19, nunca es fácil verlos sufrir y es estresante como padres no saber cómo ayudarles. Aunado[1]  al estrés de las noticias de la pandemia, más el miedo a las […]

¿Qué es el COVID prolongado? Y si lo tiene, ¿qué recursos hay disponibles?

Christine Palmer, nativa de Oregon, contrajo COVID-19 en marzo de 2020. No fue hasta julio de 2021 que le diagnosticaron COVID-19 prolongado. En estos días, incluso hablar por teléfono la agota. Antes de marzo de 2020, Christine Palmer se habría descrito a sí misma como “una de esas mamás que ves corriendo hasta detrás de […]

What is Long COVID? And if you have it, what resources are available? 

Before March 2020, Christine Palmer would have described herself as “one of those moms you see jogging behind a stroller.” The Oregon native was an outgoing, active 42-year-old with “boundless energy.” She used to bike to her education job. She rarely felt sick.  That was before she came down with COVID-19, a completely new disease at the time, with no […]