“Plug and Play” mRNA technology works fast, updating vaccines in months

Available in Spanish The COVID-19 vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna use messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, which allows scientists to test, deliver and modify the vaccines quickly. The ability to adapt quickly is on full display this summer. On June 28, as Omicron BA.5 became the predominant COVID-19 variant in the United States, the U.S. […]

Dedication to community: a Tribe responds to COVID-19

In December 2020, Rose Lane was about to become the first member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians to get the COVID-19 vaccination. And Lane was scared. The vaccine was new, and Lane was well aware of medical mistreatment of Native Americans in the past. This included British colonists distributing smallpox-infected blankets (aka “pock […]

Pláticas de Salud con OHA: Subvariantes BA.4 y BA.5 del COVID-19

Pláticas de Salud con OHA es un esfuerzo del estado de Oregón para brindarle información de salud relevante sobre la pandemia de COVID-19. En este segmento de subvariantes BA.4 y BA.5, Nikol del Centro Familiar Mano a Mano y Denise Piza, Coordinadora de alcance regional con OHA. Denise nos contestará algunas de las dudas sobre las subvariantes BA.4 y BA.5 del […]

What we know about COVID-19 reinfections

Available in Spanish Measles and COVID-19 are caused by two of the most contagious viruses on the planet. When most people recover from measles the immunity acquired is likely to last for the rest of their lives. This is not true for people who recover from COVID-19. Some people have already been infected with COVID-19 […]

Tips for a fun and safe summer

Available in Spanish With vacation from school and extra hours of daylight, summer provides more time and opportunities to get out, explore or get together with friends and family. Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are available for everyone age 6 months and older, families can reduce their risk of infection and illness by being up to […]

Novavax becomes fourth COVID-19 vaccine authorized by FDA

Available in Spanish Updated 10/20: Novavax is authorized as a booster dose in some situations. Yesterday, July 13, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized for emergency use the COVID-19 vaccine Novavax for adults age 18 and older. The Novavax vaccine is different from the other three vaccines available in the United States. It […]

Haga un plan: cómo prepararse en caso de dar positivo por COVID-19

Entre vacunas y refuerzos ampliamente disponibles, tratamientos antivirales efectivos e investigaciones en curso, estamos mejor equipados que nunca para prevenir casos graves de COVID-19. Incluso con este progreso, la transmisión del virus sigue siendo alta. “No creo que sea realista decirles a las personas que, con certeza, podrán evitar la exposición al virus”, dijo el […]

One in five adult COVID-19 survivors have a health condition that may be related to the virus

Available in Spanish A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows people who survive COVID-19 are significantly more likely to have certain health complications than those who have no evidence of ever having COVID-19. These types of lingering health complications linked to a COVID-19 infection are commonly referred to as […]