FDA panel recommends COVID-19 vaccines for children under age 5

To read this story in Spanish, click here. Update, June 17: The FDA released a statement this morning authorizing the use of both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines down to age 6 months. Moderna’s vaccine is also now FDA-authorized for children ages 6 months through 17 years. The vaccine was already authorized for people age 18 […]

How does COVID-19 cause all those symptoms?

To read this story in Spanish, click here. People have experienced a wide variety of symptoms from COVID-19. Some feel like they have a mild cold, while others feel exhausted. Some develop a lingering cough, while others lose their sense of smell and taste. In extreme cases, some people require hospitalization. And, unfortunately, some people […]

Understanding BA.2’s rise across the U.S. and Oregon

The subvariant of Omicron called BA.2 is now the dominant strain of the COVID-19 virus in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). BA.2 is about 33% more contagious than BA.1 — the Omicron variant that caused the U.S.’s winter surge — and now represents more than 70% of […]

COVID-19 has declined in Oregon, but it is not yet endemic

The Omicron surge has largely dissipated, the number of COVID-19 cases and related hospitalizations and deaths have fallen rapidly and there are no new variants of concern on the horizon. Moreover, research tells us that due to the number of Omicron infections, plus vaccines being administered, more than 80% of people in Oregon have some […]

Oregon entra en una nueva fase de la pandemia: resiliencia ante el COVID-19

La oleada de Ómicron ha pasado. El COVID-19 ha retrocedido. Debido a que los habitantes de Oregon se vacunaron, usaron cubrebocas y limitaron las reuniones en interiores más que en otros lugares, al estado le ha ido mejor que a gran parte de los Estados Unidos: Vidas salvadas: Las acciones que tomaron los habitantes de […]

Oregon enters a new phase of the pandemic: COVID-19 resilience

The Omicron surge has passed. COVID-19 has receded.  Because Oregonians got vaccinated, wore masks, and limited indoor gatherings more than people did in most other places, the state has fared better than much of the US: Lives saved: Actions Oregonians took to prevent the spread of COVID-19 saved an estimate of nearly 5,800 lives. Cases: […]

Sensory-friendly clinics make vaccines accessible to all

For LeAndra Schneider’s two children, who have autism, waiting in line at a COVID-19 vaccine event can be overwhelming. Her son gets anxious around crowds, and her daughter often has so much energy that waiting for anything – especially something that makes her nervous – can be a challenge. But at The Arc Lane County’s […]

Booster shots highlighted in new breakthrough case report

Last week, Oregon Health Authority updated its weekly breakthrough report to include breakthrough cases in people who have received booster doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. This new set of data shows how well booster doses can protect against COVID-19 infection and severe disease. In the report, a graph divides case numbers into three categories, “unvaccinated,” […]