Are you pregnant and wondering about vaccination?

By March 29 at the latest, pregnant people 16 and older in Oregon will eligible to be vaccinated. This is because, although overall risk is low, pregnant people are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, and people who get COVID-19 during pregnancy may be at more risk of preterm birth.   

Here’s what you need to know about pregnancy and the vaccine:  

  • We don’t yet have much data about the safety of the three authorized vaccines for people who are pregnant. But based on how the vaccines work, experts believe they are unlikely to pose a specific risk to people who are pregnant.  
  • Pregnant people haven’t reported different side effects from non-pregnant people. If you get a fever after vaccination, you can take acetaminophen because fever during pregnancy has been linked to negative outcomes. 
  • Vaccines have not been studied in people who are breastfeeding. However, experts think  that the COVID-19 vaccines are not a risk for them or for their babies. 
  • There is no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, cause fertility problems. You can get a COVID-19 vaccine if you are trying to get pregnant now or want to get pregnant in the future. 
  • And of course, if you have questions, it can help to talk through your decision with your doctor. 

Learn more about pregnancy and COVID-19 vaccination here.

This article first appeared in the March 24, 2021 issue of Oregon Coronavirus Update.